RSseo v1.19.9 RsJoomla J2.5/3.x

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RSseo! is the best Joomla SEO extension with tools that allows you to optimize your website for search engines.

All around the Web, CMSs are used to build sites faster and easier but this poses a great burden of SEO performance of the site – this also being the case for Joomla!.

We learned from our own experience and came up with a complete suite of SEO tools all incorporated into one package: RSseo!.

Monitor your Google position for the keywords that are important to your business

See where your site stands for keywords that are relevant for your business or your site content with just a few configuration clicks. You can structure your keywords based on the assigned importance and create content replacements to highlight them or even anchor them to specific site pages.

Generate HTML and XML sitemaps

While HTML sitemaps are optional and are generally used to offer a overall map of your site, the XML sitemaps are a must for improving your site’s visibility for search engines. RSSeo! automatically generates two types of XML sitemaps: a general usage one and one specialized for Google.

Manage metadata

Managing the metadata for CMS based site such as Joomla! can be a labor intensive process. With RSSeo! you can centralize the metadata configuration in one place – the Pages area.

Follow the simple instructions to optimize each and every page and make it SEO perfect

Once a page has been crawled and index by RSSeo!, you can follow up a set of recommendations that will help you meet the SEO requirements imposed by search engines. Several key factors are taken into consideration such as SEF, meta tags, headings, images and keyword density calculations.

One of the best joomla seo extensions.


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