You are currently viewing Jsitemap Pro v4.0.3 – J3.x [dead]

Jsitemap Pro v4.0.3 – J3.x [dead]

Jsitemap Pro v4.4.3 for Joomla 3.x

Built on the shoulders of Google, now JSitemap ships with the official integration with Google Webmasters Tools and Search Console to submit, resubmit, delete sitemaps, monitor indexing status, monitor and fix crawl errors directly inside your Joomla! backend using a user friendly interface! Moreover the Google Search Console section lets you monitor organic searches, keywords, clicks, impressions, and the average SERP position for each page of your website.

Take advantage of not using a crawler-based approach to generate your sitemap, JSitemap fully automates the process to generate your sitemap, so once it is configured you can forget about it! Each new piece of content will be automatically included in the sitemap, generated in realtime!
Google announced that on April 21, 2015 the mobile-friendly factor will affect the ranking in search results, therefore it’s important that you index your site also for mobile devices. Now it supports even the generation of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) sitemap and integrates with plugins such as JAmp.
Moreover, JSitemap is able to configure the Joomla! robots.txt automatically to allow access to CSS/JS resources and can fix the Google warning ‘Googlebot Cannot Access CSS & JS’ which makes Google happy.

JSitemap is an award winning extension and a leading SEO indexing tool for Joomla!, it’s a MUST HAVE for every site simply because a site that is not visible to search engines is… useless! You can increase the number of links indexed by Google up to 400% and gain a lot more visibility for your site!

JSitemap has advanced and unique features to generate every possible kind of sitemap:
No plugins required, include links in the sitemap for each extension
Responsive HTML sitemap
Standard XML sitemap
Mobile devices XML sitemap
Images XML sitemap
Geolocation XML/KML sitemap
Videos XML sitemap for Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and HTML5 videos
Google News sitemap
Google AMP(Accelerated Mobile Pages) XML sitemap
Hreflang multilanguage XML sitemap
RSS feeds XML generation
Realtime sitemap generation
Integrated sitemaps submission to search engines
SEO Spider to identify and fix issues
Easy SEO control panel
SEO stats calculation: Alexa and Google rank, number of indexed links, etc
Google Webmasters Tool and Search Console integration™
One-click Wizard for data sources
Integrated robots.txt editor
Integrated htaccess editor
Search engines metainfo dashboard
Responsive multi-columns for mobile, 10 templates included
Multiple sitemap modules, add footer or side navigation tree
Links Analyzer to find broken and not indexed links
Ping search engines for new and edited contents
Google Indexing Tester™ to monitor how your site and keywords are indexed
Keywords Research Tool to get keywords suggestions
Stats and charts for sitemaps
Custom 404 page contents
Cronjobx support for large sitemaps and auto splitting
Fix duplicated titles for Joomla paginated contents
Multiple sitemaps with different contents using datasets
•Mindmap SCK – Sitemap construction kit™
Caching system to speed up sitemap generation
Precaching with sitemaps AJAX generation
Splitting of large sitemap
Google Analytics integration
New technology to avoid Joomla HTTP 301/303 redirects let sitemaps be
accepted from Bing and less powerful search engines

Inversion of Control Principle™ for the very first time it’s reality!

JSitemap, for the very first time, offers the functionality to realize an Inversion of Control principle for indexing your site.
Up until now you had to wait until search engines came to crawl your site in a passive mode. Now you can reverse the process and send the information about your site to the search engines.

Now are you that go to search engines to shout: “EHY! I’ve updated my site, here is the link!”

You can do this with sitemap submit functionality available in the SEO control panel, but this can be achieved even in a more powerful way thanks to the integration of Ping-O-Matic web service.
Ping-O-Matic is a web service that updates different search engines with the information: Your content has changed and it needs to be indexed.

JSitemap is built on “Data Sources” that allow you to embed into your sitemap items taken from any extension with no need for additional plugins.
You can create a new user defined data source with the one-click wizard in few seconds and thanks to a powerful SQL Query Compiler™.

JSitemap includes a powerful and user friendly SEO control panel to accomplish all common tasks required for sitemap management and is compatible with all existing submission methods supported by search engines.

You can complete all tasks with just one click even for non-expert administrators and avoid need to have a Webmasters Tools account!

JSitemap has unique features that let you generate different types of sitemaps to gain top level SEO performance for your site. It works on every environment, supporting fine tuning for server load resources and caching system during generation of sitemaps.

It’s also capable of generating RSS feeds for your contents and for a lot of common Joomla extensions such as EasyBlog, Virtuemart, Kunena, K2, Docman and more. As always just one click to add a data source and include elements in the RSS feeds, and for not included common extensions a custom data source can be used to generate RSS feeds covering 99% of cases. Using datasets to manage multiple sitemaps it’s possible differentiate the elements included in the sitemap from that included in the RSS feeds, with a single extension now you can satisfy both needs.

Take advantage of advanced sitemap formats such as the Geo sitemap. It’s particularly useful for search engines to identify the exact location of your business or website and to serve most pertinent search results to users based on their location and origin. The Hreflang sitemap is the most powerful multi-language sitemap that you can submit to search engines, instructing how your links are associated and related for all installed languages .

JSitemap ships with a special layout named ‘Mindmap’ that generates an amazing sitemap based on mindmap blocks that can be customized using the SCK – Sitemap Construction Kit™ settings for the layout. Once activated, the sitemap will be generated according to layout settings. Default is multiple columns layout and supports responsiveness for mobile. Moreover, you can set advanced features such as animations, dragging of sitemap elements, etc

Let’s go! Take control of your contents! Using the Search Engines Metainfo Dashboard™ now you can finally instruct Google and search engines about the exact title and description that you want to be shown in search results for each page of your site contained in the sitemap! You can also control in a breeze which links should not be indexed by search engines. Moreover, the title, description and image specified will work even for socials when your pages are shared because it uses the Open Graph protocol.

The SEO Spider is an easy and handy tool for everyone to identify SEO issues and improvements at a glance, such as duplicated titles or descriptions. Even non-expert people will be able to understand potential mistakes that could lead to penalties by search Engines, and learn how to avoid them.
The SEO Spider includes a powerful and innovative tool called SEO Content Analysis to perform a page analysis against a certain focus keyword and giving you hints and a page score to improve the ranking. With this visual tool you can instantly identify weaknesses in your pages and improve them to rank higher on search engines for the specific keyword you want to be found.

The new Google Indexing Tester™ lets you monitor exactly how your site is being indexed in Google SERP, to find out which links, titles and descriptions are indexed. Using this tool, you can also perform searches for specific keywords, varying language and country. In this way you can understand how your site is positioned on Google in different countries or languages all around the world! The Google Indexing tester™ is an extreme powerful tool and it integrates with the official Google API for search results, offering you exact results directly in your Joomla! backend. Moreover, it allows you to know the average keyword SERP rank, this allows you to know quickly in which Google SERP page your website is ranked for a given keyword.

The Google Indexing Tester includes a powerful tool for keywords suggestions of your interest and choice, that matter for your website and niche. Knowing the words your audience uses to search online is an extremely important aspect of SEO. SEO tools that help you research and find the most frequently used keywords in your industry can help you use terms with the highest search volume, so that you don’t waste time optimizing your content for phrases that do not generate traffic. JSitemap provides a Keyword Research Tool to help pinpoint your niche market.

With JSitemap you are not limited to a single sitemap shown in the main area of your site when the component is executed in the frontend, for example, linking a menu item to the HTML sitemap. You can manage modules to take advantages of multiple sitemap layouts and use that for example to render a footer quick-navigation structure or a side tree menu. Using the JSitemap module you will be able to choose placement of sitemaps on your site using modules and positions, and select specific settings for each module, for example, to show only data from a certain data source, choose a particular layout, etc

Another amazing feature of JSitemap is the integrated editor of htaccess file. Now you can avoid the risk of breaking your site with the wrong htaccess rule, thanks to the integrated editor that uses versioning and htaccess restoration. Using the integrated editor for the htaccess file you can easily add directives to manage 301 redirects and 404 pages. Everytime you add a new directive and save the htaccess file, the versioning will be incremented for the current session, and you will be able to restore a previous version of the htaccess or even
restore the initial htaccess file using editor buttons.

Finally JSitemap includes integration with Google Analytics so that you can monitor Google Analytics stats directly inside the Joomla! backend using your Google account. This helps to monitor your site trend in a snap, JSitemap is a unique point of access for every SEO, stats and health information about your site.






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