9Gag Clone Script v3.5.2 Nulled

9GAG Scripteen clone allows you to run your own community driven viral funny pics website.

9gag Front-end features

– Facebook based Membership registration
– Hot!, Trending & Vote Sections separated by the number of the “likes”
– Pagination (adjustable in admin)
– Submit Funny Picture (ajax based, no page refresh)
– Auto Image Resize at upload to fit the website dimensions and loading time efficient
– Facebook comments ready
– Social ready for each post (Share on Facebook, Twitter etc.)
– Advertisements (sticky) on the sidebar controllable from admin area
– Uses mod_rewrite to generate friendly URL’s
– Search funny pics by title
– Auto-post to the uploader’s facebook (if he agrees)

9gag Admin features

– Password protected admin area
– Set Website Title
– Set how many entries per page
– Set your facebook AppID & Secret Key
– Set how many likes are required to get into Trending & Hot Sections
– Update Privacy & Terms pages
– Set facebook codes for top (near title) and sidebar (middle right)
– Set top & bottom advertising codes (can be adsense, etc)
– Set your twitter username
– If you would like to enable ADF.LY For more cash generation there’s a feature for this as well, just choose to enable adf.ly then set the javascript code from them and it’s turning traffic intro money
– View/Delete Members
– View/Delete Posts


– Regular LAMP (linux, apache, mysql, php) web server with php version at least 5.x or higher – Mod_Rewrite enabled for the friendly URL’s to work – Facebook API (free to register an application)




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