Autotweet NG 8.2.0 – J2.5/3.x

AutoTweet NG PRO is the most powerful Joomla! extension to automate and curate content publishing from Joomla! to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. Simply, AutoTweet posts your content from all well-known extensions to social networks.

This plugin solves social networks integration with an extensive feature set to empower Joomla extensions ecosystem.

Start on social content management

AutoTweetNG PRO has a formidable set of features to implement a full process for integrated content management based on automated auto-posting: creation, generation, edition and publishing with a streamlined quality control.

What is the main difference between AutoTweetNG and Joocial?

AutoTweet is mainly oriented for unassisted auto-posting, you just keep using Joomla as usual, creating articles or other content items.

On the other hand, Joocial has all AutoTweet’s features plus advanced features for social management. For instance, Joocial has a “publishing agenda” to repeat Posts, or “working hours” to define when your audience is online. In a real life scenario, a publisher can create a new content item and define the social impact, associating media attributes.



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